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What our customers have to say about Equiloft Rubber Arena Footing.

Equiloft Rubber arena footing is a proprietary blend of up to three different types of rubber granules and fibers. This unique mixture provides optimal absorption of concussion, stability and drainage to new or existing sand footings.

"Efficient Arena has provided outstanding footing and outstanding service to our specialty lameness equine veterinary practice. It drains well and the horses love its consistency, softness and predictability. A+ for Efficient Arena."

Dr. Mark Renenaugh
Northwest Equine Performance, LLC


"We had an outdoor arena installed about 3 years ago. It originally had a sand footing that was unstable with excessive shear. The sand seemed to accumulate along the rails and get shallow in the center. After adding Equiloft Rubber, the footing is stable with no shear. It drains very well, and is easy to groom. I now love using my arena."

Marilyn Schulz
Rolling Hills Farmr


" As an equine veterinarian and active rider in both the dressage and hunter ring, I can tell you that good footing is one of the most important factors for keeping a horse sound. Last year, when my outdoor arena got too hard, my horses got sore – I knew I was in trouble. I redid my footing with Equiloft rubber and never looked back. This footing is fantastic. It maintains it's consistency in both very dry and extremely wet conditions with very little maintenance. It provides just the right amount of cushion for optimal shock absorption. My horses now feel better than ever and are performing at their best – thanks to Equiloft. I would highly recommend this footing for any arena and any discipline.

Barb Crabbe, DVM Owner/Veterinarian
Pacific Crest Sporthorse USDF Silver Medalist
Winner of multiple USDF HOY awards


"As a veterinarian who practices both equine chiropractic and accupuncture, I find that poor footing contributes a great deal to back pain and stiffness.  Uneven surfaces and material that does not distribute concussion sends abnormal and excessive ground forces to the spine.  Horses worked on Equiloft rubber have less back pain and require fewer chiropractic adjustments."

Michael Salewski, DVM
Hindsight Veterinary Care


"Mark, you are the definition of a professional, your knowledge is unsurpassed, and the pride in which you do your work is an example to others.  I have used you and your products for the last 14 years and have never been disappointed - Thank you."

Amy Tryon
Eventing Upson Downs

Amy Tryon is a two time Olympian, two time WEG competitor, and has won a Team Gold, Team Bronze, and Individual Bronze.


"We absolutely love the footing that Mark installed!  The sand/rubber mix provides good shock absorption and stability, and the horses move really well on it.  I can't say enough good things about Mark and his work!"

Alyssa Pitts
AP Dressage LLC


"We have had our Equiloft footing in our arena for almost 6 years and it is as wonderful as the day it was put down. With horses from training level through FEI we can be confident that we are providing a safe, consistent surface to work on. Clinicians and trainers alike have remarked about how impressed they are with the "fluffiness" of our sand/Equiloft mix, and the great absorption of concussion it seems to have. I think 6 years with NONE of our show horses having lameness issues speaks for itself!!"

Julie Bennett, Owner/Operator
River Run Ranch


When designing and building our new facility, we took great care to explore all the footing options. We chose Equiloft from Efficient Arena for it's combination of safety, performance for the horses and ease of maintenance."

Peter and Susan Cheney
Pumpkin Farms


"Dear Mark Rowley at Efficient Arena, Inc., I would like to congratulate you on not only an excellent product and advice, but for your level of professionalism and follow up as we worked through the process of resurfacing our facility's arena.

After analyzing our current footing, considering our drastic temperature range (-0 in winter to 100+ in summer) and understanding the type of riding we utilize the arena for, you recommended Equiloft footing be installed for our indoor dressage/jumping arena.

This footing was an outstanding choice because it meets all of our needs. It has remained fluffy and soft during our hard winter months, below 0 at times. Cut our arena footing maintenance by reducing watering time, dragging and grooming, plus decreases the compressive forces on our event horse's joints.

My clients, horses, and stable maintenance person thank you for helping us choose and install the Equiloft product."


Mary Burke Owner/Operator
Burkeridge Farm


"Our new footing was the best Christmas gift we have ever given to each other!  All challenges, including a horrendous storm, were handled with resourcefulness and good cheer despite freezing, wet conditions (outdoor arena).  Your material handling exceeded our expectations and what was promised, and you accomplished the entire job early.  Thank you!  What more could we have asked for?!!"

Trillium Creek Training and Rehabilitation Coalition


"The footing in my outdoor and indoor arenas was nothing short of excellent. The outdoor arena composed of sand and Equiloft rubber was not only easy to maintain, but sustained the beating of the weather in the foothills of the Cascade mountains, which included not only relentless rain, but snow. Even after 4 years my horses still feel like they "floated" about the footing.

I enjoyed the same fabulous footing in my indoor which was composed of not only the Equiloft rubber, but the Equiloft Plus, a phenomenon unto itself. The Equiloft gave the sand "bounce" without creating the slippery effect that big chunks of felt tend to do. My large horses were confident in extended gaits because of the security of the footing.

Thank you for your excellent product!"

Catherine Norris


"We added Equiloft Rubber to our outdoor sand arena and it made a huge difference in our horses desire to go forward. It eliminated the hard impact, making both horse and rider more comfortable. I highly recommend it!"

Barbara Daugert
Broken Auger Farm


"We love our footing!  Everyone who rides on it comments on how great it is.  It is a perfect depth with just the right amount of cushion.  It is easy to care for.  It has never been slippery.  Horses move well on it and stay sound."

Tami Yeager
Cloverfield Farm


"Thank you Mark, for recommending theEquiloft Rubber footing for my outdoor dressage arena. I have been very pleased with the support it gives my horses during work outs, being not too deep, yet soft. Even after an Oregon rain storm, the drainage is great, and my arena is rideable soon after without puddles. ALL my friends want to come ride at my house now! Thanks again!"

Debbie Arrufat


"We added Equiloft Rubber to our outdoor sand arena and it made a huge difference in our horses desire to go forward. It eliminated the hard impact, making both horse and rider more comfortable. I highly recommend it!"

Barbara Daugert
Broken Auger Farm


"Equiloft Rubberfrom the Manager's view….. As the responsible party for keeping the arena in good working condition, I cannot speak highly enough of the performance we get with Equiloft Rubberfootings. Drainage, to normal watering, to daily maintenance, to longevity… Equiloft Rubber works for us.

From the rider's point of view, the ride on Equiloft Rubber is very pleasant for our horses and those horses of the many riders that utilize the arena. When a horse's attitude is very forward and willing, what more can you say?"

Tim and Kathryn Sullivan
Tipperary Farms


"We had Equiloft installed in our indoor arena in September of 2005. We have been extremely happy with the performance of this footing. It is the number one reason why our barn remains full. Our clients say they have never ridden on such high quality footing."

Susan Southerton
Canby Equestrian Center


"We added Equiloft Rubber to our outdoor arena last year. This product has been great, easy to groom, great drainage and does not float away when we have lots of rain compared to the last rubber footing we had used. We will be using this product at our new facility for therapeutic riding."

James Adkins
Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center


"From the moment our new arena was completed…the differences were dramatic! Both our horses and humans who ride them improved their performance! The humans felt safer and said the horses seemed to feel safer as well! Our clients and trainers commented that the horses were more fluid, seemed to feel more confident and moved forward with greater ease. The rubber part of our new footing also makes the arena a safer place to fall if and when that happens…and it does happen. Choosing to work with Mark Rowley and Efficient Arena was – without question- one of the very best decisions we have ever made! He is a consummate professional and both his work and work ethic are impeccable! We recommend him without hesitation!"

Julie Blacklow, Manager
Rosebud River Ranch


"Top shelf company.  Hear nothing but praise for both the service and the product."

Ken Mann
Farrier Service

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